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Three Cheers for Three-Tier and Your Craft Beer Distributor

Source: Brew Studs | By: Keeli Monroe

I’d like to present a handful of scenarios to you:

It’s 5:00 P.M. on a Friday (finally), and like many Americans, your work week is ending. You’re ready for two things: the weekend, and some good damn beer – because let’s be honest, the weekend isn’t the weekend without the good damn beer. Lucky you, because this is America. Prohibition is dead, and you’ve got options!

Maybe you stop by your go-to gas station and pick up a six-pack. Easy. But maybe you put off buying groceries all week and consequently are kicking yourself for it. Now, you have to go because your pantry resembles one ransacked during the zombie apocalypse. So, you pick up your weekend beer at the grocery store since you have to go there anyway. Or maybe you’re feeling froggy because hey, it’s Friday! So, you decide to meet your friends downtown for drinks to celebrate the first moments of a weekend so fresh and young it’s still in diapers. There are many roads you could travel, my friend, but they all end in the same place: that magical, perfectly carbonated and balanced oasis of craft beer.

Now, I’mma let you finish that beer and all……but did you ever stop and wonder how your favorite beers end up in the places where you like to buy them? If not that’s alright; you probably never had a reason to think about it before. You were able to buy the beer you wanted where you wanted to, so all was right with the world.

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