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Global Be(er) Responsible Day 09.19.14

Source: Tri-Eagle Sales | By: Tri-Eagle Sales

Tallahassee, FL (Sept. 19, 2014) – Today, on Global Be(er) Responsible Day, employees of Tri-Eagle Sales, the local Budweiser distributor, are wearing red to share Budweiser’s message in every bottle: Designate a driver and enjoy the great times. More than 2,000 Anheuser-Busch employees across the United States are joining local wholesalers to encourage the use of designated drivers on Global Be(er) Responsible Day, a day observed by Anheuser-Busch InBev employees across the globe and dedicated to the promotion of Responsible Drinking.

A press conference will be held at Florida A&M University to highlight Global Be(er) Responsible Day. Florida A&M University Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, Terence M. Calloway, along with Chief of Tallahassee Police Department, Michael DeLeo, and Beth Stevens, Marketing Director from Yellow Cab will be speaking on Tallahassee’s efforts for drinking responsibly this football season. The press conference will be held at Florida A&M University’s new North End Zone at Bragg Memorial Stadium at 12:00 PM. Tri-Eagle Sales and Yellow Cab will announce their Designate a Driver campaign for this upcoming game weekend.

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