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Raising a Glass to the 21st Amendment

Source: The Daily Caller | By: Craig Purser

Have you taken a walk down the beer aisle recently? It’s pretty incredible to see just how much choice the beer consumer has. From lagers to lambics, and porters to pilsners, it’s safe to say, there’s something for every beer consumer.

For those of us who have been legal beer consumers for a couple of decades (or longer), we’ve watched the beer aisle change significantly. It wasn’t too long ago that the beer aisle looked like the soft drink aisle – a sea of red labels and blue labels, with a diet variety mixed in. But the beer aisle has been exploding, adding new flavors and innovative styles. Entrepreneurial brewers are clamoring for shelf space — and for the consumer’s attention.

How are those new labels able to get on store shelves? And how are they able to compete against established multinational brands?

It’s because of the American system of independent alcohol distribution.

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