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Gold Coast Eagle Distributing Cleans the Beach

Source: Suncoast News Network | By: Jessika Ward

The Suncoast is known for being just that, a sunny coast made up of beaches…

Gold Coast Eagle Distributing spent Saturday morning cleaning one of our main tourist attraction, the beach… More specifically Nokomis Beach.

“This is a no brainer for us probably about 40 percent of our business is done because our beaches and our community is a good clean place for our community to visit,” said John Saputo. “Florida had last year over 110 million tourists who visited. I think our portion of it was over 5 million people in our two counties and with out these beaches and without a clean environment, nobody from the north would come and visit us.

John Saputo, President and Owner of Gold Coast Eagle Distributing, says he and his employees have been doing this for 10 years cleaning the beach helps sustain his business.

Supato says he’s impressed by Nokomis Beach’s cleanliness.

“One thing that I’ve seen over the course of these 10 years are people are getting more and more conscious of our environment. This beach was in totally good shape when we got out here so I think the average person that’s coming to our beaches and living in our community is doing a pretty good job policing [them],” said Saputo.

But the group still found trash and abandoned items…including a bike.

“Bottle caps was the most prevalent. Cigarette butts were an awful problem.” “I think once people get used to not throwing stuff out while they’re here enjoying our beach, the problem would be much better,” said Saputo.