2022 Annual Meeting

Welcome to the Florida Beer Wholesalers 2022 Annual Conference!

Schedule of Events

June 5 – Sunday

6:00pm – 9:00pm – Opening Reception and Dinner w/ Senate and Agriculture Commissioner Candidate

Special Guests: Senate President Wilton Simpson, President-designate Kathleen Passidomo, Senators Gayle Harrell, Tom Wright, Danny Burgess, Debbie Mayfield, Jennifer Bradley, and Ray Rodrigues, Senate Candidates Representatives Colleen Burton, and Erin Grall

June 6 – Monday

7:30am – 9:00am – Breakfast

8:00am – 9:00am – Distributor Only Session

9:00am – 11:45am – Education Sessions (FBWA Members and Sponsors)

12:00pm – Transportation to Off Site Event (500 SW Long Drive, Palm City, FL 34990)

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch with Representatives

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Off Site Event with Representatives

4:00pm – Transportation to Hotel

6:00pm – 9:00pm – Closing Reception and Dinner with House Members

Special Guests: House Speaker-Designate Paul Renner, Representatives John Snyder, Toby Overdorf, Dana Trabulsy, Fred Hawkins, Scott Plakon, David Smith, Jim Mooney, Webster Barnaby, Sam Garrison, House Candidates Rachel Plakon, and Shane Abbott

June 7 – Tuesday

Leisurely Check Out

Step Up For Students

Legislative Update


Resale Certificates. The omnibus Department of Revenue bill sponsored by Rep. Cyndi Stevenson (R-St. Augustine) and Sen. Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota) included a provision seeking better resale certificate compliance. FBWA, along with BIF and WSDF worked on amendment language which was included in the final bill. The bill has passed but has not yet been sent to the Governor. It was discussed in the Revenue Estimating Conference on June 3rd, where the NFIB spoke in opposition to the legislation. They have also asked the Governor to veto the bill. FBWA has been in contact with the Governor’s office about our support of the resale certificate language, but have not taken a position on the bill as a whole.

Brew Pub Self Distribution. A bill filed only in the House by Rep. Nick DiCeglie (R-Largo) would have authorized small brewers to have limited ability to self-distribute. The bill also would have changed the tax structure on malt beverages, costing the state more than $50M annually. No senate companion was ever filed. Less nefarious portions of the bill were added to the DBPR package which died in messages.

Small Distilleries Self-Distribution. A bill was filed by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) that authorizes self-distribution for small distilleries. The bill died in its first committee stop after never being put on the agenda.

Alcohol Purchases by Veteran’s Organizations. The bill, filed by Rep.Toby Overdorf (R-Stuart) and Sen. Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota), would have authorized veteran organizations to purchase from other vendors. The FBWA worked with stakeholders and sponsors to have malt beverages removed, however, the bill was never heard in committee and died.

Large Format Wine Container Sizes. A bill was filed Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) and Rep. Chip LaMarca (R-Lighthouse Point) to deregulate large format bottles and boxes. It died in committee.

SRX Lower Seating Requirements. The FRLA continues to seek to lower the seating requirements for receiving a special food service establishment license. The bill was filed by Sen. Jennifer Bradley (R-Orange Park) and Rep. Josie Tomkow (R-Auburndale). It passed 1 committee in House and was never heard in the Senate.

In-store Servicing of Spirits. Rep. Toby Overdorf (R-Stuart) and Sen. Travis Hutson (R-Palm Coast) withdrew their bills prior to introduction.

Tied House Evil. Rep. Anthony Sabitini (R-Clermont) filed legislation to repeal tied house evil in its entirety. There was no Senate companion, and the bill never received a hearing.


Covid Beer. The cases settled in a favorable manner before the DABT responded to the complaints. The cases were then voluntarily dismissed.

Blue Cloud of Florida. Blue Cloud of Florida has begun their distribution of Hard Mountain Dew in Florida. The FBWA officially submitted a formal complaint that Blue Cloud of Florida was in violation of the three-tier system based on Pepsi being both a manufacturer and distributor of Hard Mountain Dew. Additionally, Blue Cloud of Florida is in violation of state law by having no exclusive territory agreements in place. The complaint letter has been received by the Division; however, no action has been taken at this time.

Ready to Drink Products. In November, the DABT issued an informational bulletin (Informational Bulletin 2021-003) related to in-store servicing of RTDs. Liquor-based RTDs that fall within the definition of liquor, are not eligible for in-store servicing by distributors.


Jared Ross – 850-322-6956 or [email protected]

Jordan Wheeler – 772-332-6137 or [email protected]

Hotel Front Desk – 772-334-1950

Registered Attendees

Alex Taylor 99 Bottles
Brandy Schoonover Micro-Matic
Nicole Cooley Constellation Brands
Jack Swader Constellation Brands
Joe De La Paz Constellation Brands
Anne Francis Step Up For Students
Jillian Metz Step Up For Students
John Kirtley Step Up For Students
Mary Bickers Bickers Consulting Group
Don Johnson Bickers Consulting Group
Katie Choquette Vermont Information Processing
George Kossl Encompass Technologies
Joshua Hanson August Imports
Tiea Hanson
Jonathan Rees Anheuser-Busch
Jonathan Wiese Anheuser-Busch
Matt Taylor Anheuser-Busch
Christian Danuser Anheuser-Busch
Rick Dansdill Anheuser-Busch
Greg Ellis Precision Distributing Company
Danielle D’Allesandro GoPuff
Lance Abbott BevCap
John Kirke BevCap
Joe Goode Truist
Gregg Langhoff Truist
Kent Birckhead City Beverages Orlando
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George Halper Eagle Brands Sales
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Tom Ewing Florida Distributing Company
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Bob Johnston Florida Distributing Company
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Bill Reyes Florida Distributing Company
Gentry Pelham North Florida Sales
Chanell Pelham
Greg Holzmeyer North Florida Sales
Renee Holzmeyer
Greg McLeod Pepin Distributing Company
Jeff Weckback Pepin Distributing Company
Genesis Smith Pepin Distributing Company
Adam Kane Pepin Distributing Company
Ken Daley Tri Eagle Sales
Tripp Transou Tri Eagle Sales
Tripp “T4” Transou Tri Eagle Sales
Mike Leporin Tri Eagle Sales
Greg Mitchell Suncoast Beverage Sales, LLLP
Tim Mitchell Suncoast Beverage Sales, LLLP
Chris Bina Suncoast Beverage Sales, LLLP
David Bear The Lewis Bear Company
Kevin Bowler Daytona Budweiser
Brookes Burkhardt Burkhardt Sales and Service
Mike Dougherty Carroll Distributing
Joe Little Bernie Little Distributors
Joseph Little Bernie Little Distributors
Matt Sokolowski Great Bay Distributors
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Todd Stephens Stephens Distributing
John Williams Wayne Densch, Inc.
Philip Busch Southern Eagle Distributing
Paul Trabulsy Southern Eagle Distributing
Bobby Burgess Southern Eagle Distributing
Gerrit Topp Southern Eagle Distributing
Ryan Episcopo Southern Eagle Distributing
Mike Suit Southern Eagle Distributing
Frank Schwiep Gold Coast Beverage, LLC
Joan Schwiep
John Miller Double Eagle Distributing
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Rich Heffley Heffley and Associates
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Natalie Kato Kato Law Firm
Rana Brown Ronald L. Book, PA
Katia Saint Fleur KSF and Associates
Natalie King RSA Consulting
Steve Vancore Vancore Jones
Rachel Rivera Vancore Jones
Scott Ashley Wine and Spirits Distributors of Florida
Jennifer Boone Wine and Spirits Distributors of Florida
Craig Purser National Beer Wholesalers Association
Kathleen Passidomo Senate President-Designate
Wilton Simpson Senate President
Gayle Harrell Senator
Tom Wright Senator
Danny Burgess Senator
Debbie Mayfield Senator
Bob Scaringe
Jim Boyd Senator
Ray Rodrigues Senator
Erin Grall Senator
Collen Burton Senator
Jennifer Bradley Senator
Rob Bradley Senator
John Snyder Representative
Toby Overdorf Representative
Dana Trabulsy Representative
Fred Hawkins Representative
Kendrie Hawkins
Scott Plakon Representative
Rachel Plakon Candidate for House of Representatives
David Smith Representative
Paul Renner Representative
Adriana Renner
Jim Mooney Representative
Chris Sprowls Speaker of the House
Webster Barnaby Representative
Sam Garrison Representative
Mitchell McCombs Aide to Rep. Garrison
Erin Grall Representative
Michael Bielecki
Colleen Burton Representative
Jan Sykes FBWA
Russell Sykes Senator
Rusty Sykes
Alison Pence
Debbie Jordan
Ed Jordan
Andrea Skinner
Fritz Skinner
Maegan Skinner
Kaeleigh Skinner
Pema Skinner
Steve Couch First Coast Audio Visual