Economic Impact

Helping Drive Florida's Economy

Beer distributors in Florida directly employ over 8,150 people in well-paying jobs with good benefits totaling nearly $645 million in wages.

The beer industry contributes significantly to the stability and growth of Florida’s economy. With approximately 40,000 licensed retailers, 90 independent licensed distributors and over 60 brewers – not to mention the thousands of other manufacturers who export their products into the Sunshine State – the beer industry is an essential and integral part of Florida’s economy.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association’s (NBWA) 2015 Economic Impact Report estimates approximately $205 million in capital expenditure impact every year in warehouses, forklifts, vehicles, computers, energy saving technology, software and other equipment.

At about $824 million per year, the state of Florida receives more excise tax revenue from the sale of beer than any other state in the union including California, which has twice the population, more than twice that of New York, and three times all other states.

The state excise tax on beer is either contributed to fund private school vouchers or deposited into Florida’s General Revenue Trust Fund, which makes the funds available for all governmental purposes.