Bringing Variety to Florida

The Florida Beer Wholesalers Association (FBWA) is a not-for-profit trade association of nearly two-dozen independent licensed beer distributors throughout Florida. For over 25 years, we have been providing hundreds of fresh, quality beers to licensed retailers in our state, from Pensacola to Key West.

The FBWA is dedicated to educating policy makers, licensees and the general public about the societal value in regulating the manufacturing, the independent distribution of, and the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.


Alcoholic beverages are different than other consumer products. They are intoxicating, subject to abuse and are in high public demand.

The consumption and regulation of alcoholic beverages in the United States has had a long and tumultuous history leading to Prohibition and its subsequent repeal. After Prohibition, states implemented strong regulatory systems that proved successful at regulating – rather than prohibiting – the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Under this balanced regulatory system, often referred to as three-tier, Florida’s independent beer distributors bring a wide variety of fresh beer to licensed independent and chain retailers throughout the state.