Community Investment

We’re All in This Togtether

Over the past couple months, distributors across the state have continued to step up and donate time, money, and other resources to the communities they call home. From helping local charities to transport materials, to donating meals for fellow industry members, distributors have focused on giving back and supporting their local communities. Featured in this video are Gold Coast Eagle, Brown Distributing, Tri-Eagle Sales, Carroll Distributing, and Pepin Distributing.

Carroll Distributing

When local bar and restaurant workers were laid off due to coronavirus, Carroll Distributing did not hesitate to step up and offer a free Easter dinner for anyone in need. 3,000 meals were shared with fellow members of the community they call home.

Brown Distributing

Over the past few weeks, Brown Distributing has been working with Palm Beach Harvest and the Palm Beach Food Bank to help deliver fresh food to directly to the area. Kathryn Paxton, Marketing and Events Manager, said it was an easy to choice to support their local community. “We’re really grateful to be able to help utilizing our trucks, our drivers, and our extra staff members to give back to the community.”

Tri-Eagle Sales: Ocala

To help hospitality workers that have been laid off as a result of the pandemic, Tri-Eagle Sales worked with several local businesses in the Ocala area to provide meals and gift cards. Thank you to members like Tri-Eagle and local community partners for stepping up!