Florida’s beer industry not only contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s economy through taxes collected, but our community-based, family-owned, and independent distributors contribute heavily and consistently to their local charitable organizations. Our local distributors understand the importance of giving back to and supporting their local communities.

Safety is more than just good driving. It's about the community.

In 2021, Florida’s beer distributors joined Attorney General Ashley Moody’s “Highway Heroes.” With unique access to retailers across the state, our distributors stepped up and trained employees on common signs of human trafficking, as well as shared the resources available to report any suspicious activity and empowered employees to make a difference. They understood that safety was more than being a good, cautious driver – it’s about keeping the entire community and their neighbors safe.

COVID-19 Devastated a lot of people - distributors stepped in to help.

At the start of the COVID pandemic, thousands of people were immediately laid off from their jobs, especially fellow hospitality workers. Their local distributors immediately stepped in to help, whether it was hosting takeaway dinner meals, helping deliver goods to food banks, or hosting job drives to connect employers with the community.

Taking care of those who take care of us.

Across Florida, distributors work hard to take care of veterans and their families when they come home. Through years-long partnerships with organizations like Folds of Honor and other veteran-run and -owned programs, distributors are able to offer support to those who need it most.

Local, family-owned distributors have generated over $12 million in support of charities, local events, and economic development in their communities each year.