Giving Back

As local, family-owned businesses, Florida’s beer wholesalers are passionate patrons of the arts, of healthcare, and of local growth and business development. With more than $12 million dollars in direct economic impact in their local communities annually, distributors across the state have hosted charitable events, donated funds and goods, spent time volunteering, and more in their hometowns.

Honoring Florida's Veterans

Dedication to the community means dedication to our neighbors, especially those in need. Distributors across the state have worked hard for years to support veterans and veteran organizations, including Folds of Honor, which supplies scholarships to the families and loved ones of fallen and/or disabled veterans.

Better Together

Better Together supports vulnerable Florida families by providing essential wrap-around support, work opportunities, and unwavering grace, empathy, and love. With the assistance of volunteers, churches, and businesses, this privately funded nonprofit aims to preserve families, reduce the need for state foster care, and connect individuals to meaningful employment opportunities. The organization is dedicated to making changes that will impact generations to come.

Wholesalers across the state are making a difference in the lives of parents like Heather. On the verge of losing her newborn to foster care, Heather struggled with addiction and knew she needed treatment. But she had no one to take in baby Brayden. Better Together connected Heather to a loving volunteer host family who opened their home short term to Brayden. While the baby was safely cared for, the Better Together team helped connect Heather to a job and housing and assisted her in creating a budget to work toward stability. In about three months, Heather and Brayden reunited, and the support system created in this time ensures that she will never struggle alone.

Better Together operates with a volunteer-driven and professionally supported model, having helped over 9,000 Florida children stay safe with their families and over 30,000 job seekers connect to work opportunities. Together, with the support of the FBWA, the organization is strengthening families and communities by helping people reach their full potential.

Florida’s beer industry not only contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s economy through the taxes collected, but our community-based, independent distributors also contribute heavily and consistently to their local charitable organizations. Local independent distributors know that good corporate stewardship is an essential part of who we are; from helping children and veterans to working with pet rescue and adoption agencies and organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Florida’s family-owned distributors work year-round to make a positive impact in their communities.

In fact, the National Beer Wholesalers Association’s most recent Economic Impact Report estimates nearly $13 million in direct economic impact in support of local charities, events, and economic development per year on average.

Florida’s beer distributors directly contribute $12.9 million in support of local charities, events and economic development per year.