Going Green

Florida’s beer wholesalers are dedicated to their communities – and that means adopting sustainable, responsible business practices. Local distributors recycle tons of aluminum, plastic, glass and cardboard every month, with many businesses turning towards electric vehicles and solar power.

The Importance of Recycling

“We’re only helping ourselves by helping Florida.” When it comes to sustainable practices, Tampa Bay-based distributor Great Bay Distributors does not tread lightly.¬†As they were building a new location, they prioritized the installation of solar panels on the roof to help power the facility. The result is a 1.5 megawatt system that has delivered an “outstanding” return on community investment.

Green Initiatives

In early 2020, Jacksonville-based North Florida Sales converted 25 of their cars to electric – the equivalent of planting 60,000 trees. Why change? “We want to be part of the future.” In addition to shifting towards an electric fleet, they also initiated several new green practices that resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds of material recycled.

Beer sold in Florida generates over $820 million in federal and state excise and sales taxes.