Florida's Three-Tier System at Work

Florida’s three-tier system for the manufacturing, distribution and retail sales of alcoholic beverages works – and it works well.

Delivering choice and variety.

Florida, along with 31 other states, operates under what is known as the “three-tier” or “competitive/license” model. Under this regulatory model, manufacturers may not own distributors or retailers. Similarly, distributors may not own retailers. These rules ensure an even field for brewers of every size and, in turn, foster a robust and competitive market that delivers wide-ranging choice and variety to consumers.

Sanford Brewing Company

Sanford Brewing Company is a staple in the community. Working with Wayne Densch Inc., they provide unique brews to Sanford and the surrounding areas. Referring to the partnership, Sanford Brewing co-founder Allan Jackson says, “They are our logistics arm. They have the fleet of trucks, the fleet of sales people. […] They’ve been a great partner.”

Celery City Craft Beer Garden

Celery City is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. With 54 beers on tap that rotate nearly daily, it’s become a staple in Sanford. Thanks to a strong partnership with their local distributor Wayne Densch, Inc.., Celery City has developed a curated menu of favorite beers locally, in addition to working on expanding their own reach across central Florida.